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Leasing to Zencity

Earn steady monthly revenue by leasing your property to Zencity. At Zencity, we lease properties, furnish and outfit them to our exacting standards, and host carefully screened business and leisure travelers. We also excel at renting multiple properties at once, often pre-signing leases to fill upcoming vacancies so you can enjoy 100% year-round occupancy.

Earn money quickly

Earn more income by partnering with the best in the industry.

Hands-off management

We handle everything, and your personal account manager keeps you up-to-date.

It's all under control

Thanks to verified tenants, professional cleaning, and regular quality audits.

How it works

We hand-select properties for extended stay rentals based on their fit within the overall Zencity portfolio—unique, secure, comfortable, and located in the most desirable neighborhoods.
We make sure that each property we take on complies with rental and zoning laws, and we remit all applicable taxes.
Combining our supplier relationships with our design expertise, we furnish units with a meticulous focus on both form and function.
Each occupant is thoroughly screened and we partner with leaders in the industry to continually improve security measures.
We have commercial-grade insurance policies underwritten specifically for our business, just in case.
Our housekeeping team cleans the units regularly and immediately reports any maintenance issues or damage, guaranteeing any problems will be taken care of right away.

We'd love to learn about your property

Send us a note and an account manager will be in touch.

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